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The CCRA will be listing a variety of useful resources to inform and advise residents who are going through regeneration schemes. These schemes are taking place throughout the country and worldwide with a vast majority of poorer communities being unfairly displaced

Reading list

This handbook comes directly from the experiences of council estate residents and communities organising
against gentrification in London. The greatest resource for any new campaign is the work done by groups
and people: contact them, learn from them and share what you know with them. Together we can stay put!


Below are some powerful documentaries that are a MUST watch to fully understand the extent of the situation.

Trailer for – BBC | Inside Out – George the poet: The death of the council home? | Available on BBC iplayer – watch here

Dispossesion – The great social housing swindle

Letters sent to Concorde close residents

The 10 Commitments

Tenant Advice

Offering free Housing Advice on the problems in your home and can assist you to get your landlord to make the following repairs