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The CCRA Committee is made up of skilled & professional residents that work together effectively by combining their skills to create a dynamic team that can strongly represent residents issues and concerns with passion & conviction.

Fran Smith

Fran is the chair of the CCRA and also the founder of the voluntary group, she has lived in the close with her family for 13 years. Her passion and drive for community based projects has been a key strength in heading the the CCRA initiate. Fran is a creative with entrepreneurial qualities, she has a BA Hons in Graphic Design combined with 12 years experience within the the digital & print industry where her skills extend to project management. These attributes have given the her valuable experience in working within a team and managing individuals to ensure goals and targets are met.


Rose Aryee

Profile coming soon!


Dan Smith

Dan is one of the treasurers for the CCRA. His background is in Electrical engineering for a renowned company. His duties include project leading outage work where he assigns and distributes tasks to his workforce ensuring safety precautions are met in vigorous risk assessments. His technical & methodical approach to issues gives more depth to the groups dynamics.