May 2019

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Since 2016 the CCRA have been working to make our community spaces on Concorde close safer for tenants by listening to reoccurring concerns and working on strategies to improve the vulnerable areas being exploited for ASB such as drug activity, solicitation, vehicle crime, theft, rough sleeping and fly-tipping. By creating and maintaining a good dialogue with Home Group, the police, our Hounslow Councillors, MP and Local authority we are gradually beginning to notice positive improvements. We would like to thank residents for the community effort, as statistics generated

Over the past 10 weeks the young people of Concorde close have been participating in a fantastic weekly Boxing initiative ‘Junior Boxfit’ organised by Home Group and the CCRA. The classes are targeted at boys and girls aged between 7 – 16 years, with the objective of encouraging improved health and fitness while building on confidence and existing and lasting community friendships. The classes are taught by experienced and qualified DBS checked boxing coaches from HotSpot who specifically work with communities. The sessions incite confidence, motivation and discipline

10% of children in the UK and young people aged 5-16 years have a clinically diagnosable mental health, this has been gradually escalating due to the impacts of our gaming and social media culture that lures many children and young people into obsessive habits that ultimately interferes with daily life such as their concentration, learning and education. Reality, isolation and behavioural issues can become an issue as lack of motivation in daily life can begin to affect children and young people. Last year the NHS announced ‘Gaming