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Many tenants in Concorde close have been querying the current progress of Home Group's plans for the Regeneration of Concorde close. We know many tenants are keen for plans to proceed especially as so much time was spent in design consultations leading up to the planning submission, where tenants were consulted throughout the design process. As planning was refused last year Home Group want to ensure that before any revised planning submission is submitted they wanted to explore all possibilities to demonstrate that they are are being

On Monday 3rd September 2018 residents were invited to exhibition preview for the Regenerated Concorde close. The CCRA were joined by Councillor Amjer Grewal, Pritam Grewal and Nisar Malik. For those residents that were unable to attend and will not be able to attend any of the present date the CCRA took some photos of the project. Please see below (click on images to enlarge) [gallery size="medium" link="file" ids="9831,9832,9833,9835,9836,9824,9826,9828,9834,9822,9823,9825,9829"] Key points raised by the CCRA Security Fob system security doors will be implemented into the design - this is only

On Saturday 2nd June 2018 Home Group's regeneration team organised the final design workshop at The Ramada Hotel, Lampton road. The session gave residents the opportunity to view and comment on the first interior layout draft design plans for the prospective 1,2,3 & 4 bedroom apartments that are set to replace the current properties on Concorde close. Please find the plans below, each set of plans contains options with private gardens and balcony. The final design will be scheduled to be viewed by residents in July 2018 prior

On Tuesday 5th September 2017  at 7 pm the CCRA joined Home Group's Regeneration team, at the Hounslow community centre, Montague road to discuss Home Group's resident engagement strategy for the prospective regeneration of Concorde close. The CCRA iterated that residents must come first with regards to forthcoming decisions as the first session Home Group organised in July was fuelled with mixed emotions from residents who had not been contacted formally by Home Group to discuss the future of the close, such as the possible refurbishment as