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On Tuesday 5th September 2017  at 7 pm the CCRA joined Home Group's Regeneration team, at the Hounslow community centre, Montague road to discuss Home Group's resident engagement strategy for the prospective regeneration of Concorde close. The CCRA iterated that residents must come first with regards to forthcoming decisions as the first session Home Group organised in July was fuelled with mixed emotions from residents who had not been contacted formally by Home Group to discuss the future of the close, such as the possible refurbishment as

The Eco buzz club has been thriving with wildlife and insects, teeming with vegetation and bursting with excitement. From July 2017 to August 2017, four workshops have been held with the eco-warriors of Concorde Close, where children have been actively participating in conservation activities. Activities range from painting bee houses and birdhouses, to planting pots of poppy seeds, to making Teepees. Children either worked alone, in pairs or groups and performed well to the best of their abilities.