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Regeneration – Whats happening?

Many tenants in Concorde close have been querying the current progress of Home Group’s plans for the Regeneration of Concorde close. We know many tenants are keen for plans to proceed especially as so much time was spent in design consultations leading up to the planning submission, where tenants were consulted throughout the design process. As planning was refused last year Home Group want to ensure that before any revised planning submission is submitted they wanted to explore all possibilities to demonstrate that they are are being conscientious in addressing the reasons as to why planning was refused last year. By being vigorous in their approach, they hope they can deliver the tenants of Concorde close modern,safe and secure, government complaint home’s built for need, while ensuring our neighbours concerns are considered throughout the process.

Below is a statement we received from Anthony Malek from Home Group’s regeneration team

“Home Group’s discussions with Hounslow Council’s planning department are ongoing and require further consideration to ensure that there is an alignment of vision and approach on the proposals that will replace the existing estate.


The Council has also appointed a new planning team to work on the project and therefore as the planning officers Home Group are liaising with are different to that of the previous planning submission, these discussions have taken slightly longer than expected. Once officers and Home Group have a broad agreement on the vision for the redevelopment of the site, Home Group will issue an update letter to all customers with the next steps for engagement with customers. This engagement will most likely be in the form of update presentations and design workshops similar to those that were held in 2018, however, they will likely take place online and by phone in light of the ongoing pandemic. Further details about these engagement sessions will follow from Home Group in due course.


If you have any specific questions regarding the regeneration or permanent moves, as always you are welcome to contact Home Group’s Regeneration Officer, Anthony Malek, on 07739 303 144 or [email protected].”