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I truly appreciate the hard work and the generous support CCRA have provided to our community residing in Concorde Close. CCRA has been making such a big difference for last one year to many locals and especially young people. There's no dull moment for our children in here as they all are involved in many fun activities during the year.

Hussain Resident

"As a resident who has lived here for almost 2 decades, one would hardly lift up the head and say hello to ones neighbour. Suddenly , the formation of the CCRA , there has been firm stances against anti-social behaviour, fly tipping, litter dropping and instead is has carried out projects to change the whole attitude of living in a more cleaner and respectable way - especially when it comes to respecting the environment. I walk through my neighbourhood, whether i'm coming back from work or throwing the rubbish i'm always having a banter with my wide circle of neighbours of whom I see as friends. To feel included now more than ever makes me a proud resident as the CCRA has provided me the opportunities to make friends, volunteer in events and even to neighbours more. A level of empathy is definitely revived in this neighbourhood'.

Shariff Resident

"The Concorde Close Residents Association has been in place since June 16. The CCRA has had a massive positive impact on Concorde Close; it has served as a united voice for all the residents and has worked tirelessly to bring about a positive community spirit and cohesion to the Close. The CCRA has been working in close communication with Home Group and external stakeholders, and has been instrumental in working through solutions around dumped rubbish and tackling anti-social behaviour. The Neighbuzz community event put together by the CCRA last summer was a roaring success, and this year’s event is set to exceed that."

Ozan Ali, Housing Manager Home Group


"The CCRA has benefited the close by being informative, bringing residents together, cutting back on crime and ensuring every residents voice is heard."

Rose Resident


CCRA has helped us in many ways - it has brought us together as a community, we can really have each other's backs in the midst of problematic situations and come up with a great and efficient solutions. The association as a whole has made a great impact on our living conditions, which in turn has made our day to day lifestyle even better for us and our children!

Chanchal Resident


"The Concorde Close Residents Association provides a platform for residents to be heard. It identifies issues to be solved, issues to be raised and a general consensus of valuable information".

Roz Resident

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We are working closely with Home Group to
ensure that residents are being carefully considered when
decisions are being made, please check out our 'Regeneration FAQ's' which are questions formulated by residents and answered by Home Group. The following film trailer below is for the film released this year 'Dispossession - The great social housing swindle' it highlights many concerns that residents are facing nationwide by the governments regeneration schemes.

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